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Your Needs Dictate Design & Specification

All of our clients, and their respective needs, are different. Each business we serve will have differing needs as it relates to their business, relevant styles, tastes, schedules, and most important of all, budgets.

When starting new projects with our clients, the most important phase of the process is getting an understanding of what they’re looking for. This is usually based on the nature of their business, and the facility in which the business is housed.

Once we’ve achieved clarity with regard to the expectations of our client, they’ll be kept in the loop throughout the entire design process. They’ll know exactly what to expect during the pre-production phase of any commercial or residential project, prior to manufacturing & build.

Computer Assisted Design & Manufacturing

cad-camAt AG Millwork & Design you can expect to be involved in the design process from start to finish. By using the latest in CAD/CAM software, we’re able to draw each individual project to the exact specifications declared by the architects and designs involved.

Thus, automatically generating documents our clients can review to make any necessary changes and to ultimately approve the finished product. By doing it this way, once our drawings are complete, we’re ready to build.

Custom Built Millwork With Exact Specifications

Houston-Millwork-CAD-CAMOnce design and specification checks are complete, you product is then built at our facility, rather than interrupting the flow of your business by doing it on-site, at which time all the details are checked, and any needed additional efforts to ensure a quality finish and product are implemented.

Afterwards, installation is often a speedy and/or simple process that’s completed with a limited number of tools due to the efficiency of the set-up, which will prove to have fine aesthetics and last for many years.

Efficient Workflow Structure For Your Convenience

workflow-graphicThe structure of our workflow makes our company a valuable and efficient resource to residential and commercial clients, general contractors, real estate developers, and other Houston area architects & designers who use our services.

AG Millwork & Design has years of experience adjusting to the changing trends in the residential and commercial millwork industry which includes changes to cabinet hardware, styles, and a variety of different forms of finishing.

We can engineer around your ultimate needs for the product. One example is the design and building of various pull-out systems that make our cabinets incredibly versatile and useful to our clients.

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  • Corporate offices
  • Medical practices, both small and large
  • Restaurants
  • Auto dealerships
  • Churches and synagogues
  • Wellness and Fitness studios
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Custom kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Bookcases and entertainment centers
  • Wine cellars
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AG Millwork & Design
3602 Honea Egypt Rd
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